National Sheep Association and Rare Breeds Survival Trust member David Griffiths and his wife, Karen, keep sheep on the Derbyshire/Staffordshire border. In April 2009 they opened their own mini woollen mill – Griffiths’ Mill – processing fleece from their own sheep and those of customers throughout Britain. Since starting they have attended numerous shows around Britain and have sold their range of woollen yarns and carded wool around the world. What became obvious to them was that there was a requirement for more education about Britain’s Wool Heritage. “The number of people we met at shows who did not know wool came from sheep or that it’s removal was for the health of the sheep was amazing”, says Karen.

In February 2016 after 18 months of planning and building David and Karen launched ‘The Woolly Roadshow’ – an educational promotion of British wool, British sheep and the Rare Breeds Survival Trust.

‘The Woolly Roadshow’ is a display trailer 5.5m length and 2.3m width with a canopy on one side. It is towed by a Land Rover support vehicle which incorporates a British wool bedroom inside and a 48” video display outside. ‘The Woolly Roadshow’ is operated and supported by Griffiths’ Mill with additional support from the National Sheep Association, British Wool, Rare Breeds Survival Trust, Woolcool, Ty Mawr, Solidwool, Burgon & Ball, Rappa, The Woolroom and Lister Shearing.

‘The Woolly Roadshow’ displays and sells a range of British yarn, carded fibres and other woollen products. It also includes hand spinning and/or felting demonstrations and provides information about the work of the National Sheep Association, British Wool and Rare Breeds Survival Trust. Innovative wool based products are also on display. A video shows lambing, shearing and wool processing.

‘The Woolly Roadshow’ can be booked to attend shows throughout the UK.

The Woolly Roadshow Events – 2020
Due to the Covid-19 situation The Woolly Roadshow will not be attending
any events in 2020.
Please Note: Persons wishing to purchase yarns, carded fibre, needles etc.
may visit ‘The Woolly Roadshow’ at Griffiths’ Mill by appointment.
Please telephone 07970 820815 or email for
further details.
Thank you.

Please Note: You may also visit ‘The Woolly Roadshow’ at Griffiths’ Mill by appointment 

For all enquiries please contact:
David & Karen Griffiths, The Woolly Roadshow, Griffiths’ Mill, Glebe Cottage, Flacketts Lane, Sudbury, Derbyshire, DE6 5HX.
E-mail:     Tel: 07970 820815 or 01283 585444